Branded Pens

Corporate Gifts Johannesburg specialize in supplying our clients from across South Africa and greater Africa with top quality corporate gifts and promotional items.

We pride ourselves in delivering service that is professional, personal and efficient.

We believe in making each and every one of our clients feel appreciated and well looked after.

Our team of friendly sales executives will take the utmost care to ensure you receive an amazing product and service.

Where ever you are, Joburg, Pretoria, Sandton, Randburg, Edenvale, Rosebank, we will deliver door to door in Gauteng and the rest of South Africa.


Branded Corporate Gifts

Branded corporate gifts are essential to exposing and expanding your company or brand.

We are confident that you will find the perfect corporate gifts or promotional items. We love our products and we are sure you will too!

Please feel free to browse through our online catalogue and don’t hesitate to contact us when you have found exactly what you’re looking for!

Branded corporate gifts are an excellent way to thank your clients for their business.

It is also a way for you to make them conscious of your brand on a daily basis – an easy and direct advertising opportunity.

On our awesome corporate gifts website you are sure to find what you are looking for.

We offer an extensive corporate gift and promotional item catalogue online. Our range covers all the bases. From exclusive, luxury gifts to techno-savvy gadget gifts, we have it all.

We are here to help you. We will be right by your side when it comes to your marketing plans.

We will:

  • Source the perfect product for you
  • Beautifully brand your chosen product with any design you require. Whether it is your company’s name, logo, details or all of them combined.
  • We are also ready to help you in any way we can. We can give you suggestions when choosing your products and manage your corporate gift or promotional campaign.

Our extensive range of corporate gifts and promotional items are all high quality products.

Our range includes popular items such as:

  • Branded notebooks and stationery
  • Luxury pens
  • Branded USB flash drives
  • Branded lighters
  • First aid kits

We are also suppliers of corporate clothing from well-respected and world renowned brands.

Corporate Branding Companies

Corporate branding companies in South Africa are difficult to come by, have no fear Brand Innovation is here!

We are the premium supplier of corporate gifts in South Africa.

Trust us for great corporate gifting and promotional product ideas.

We can brand your logo on the items of your choice, to make your brand or company stand out.

Impress any client, customer or business partner with a beautifully branded product.

Let your brand take over every social and work space with corporate and promotional gifts branded with your logo.

As the corporate branding company, we are ready to assist, provide a solution for you and make your day!

Our ethos is rooted in great customer service and creating business relationships that will last.

We offer a wide selection of excellent branding options, including:

  • Screen printing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Pad printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Dome sticker
  • Wrap printing
  • Digital printing
  • Embroidery


Conference Gifts

Conference gifts that are unique and offer long lasting branding, will set you apart from your competition.

Stand out in the crowd, be on full display at any expo and draw all eyes at any company or corporate event.

Host a memorable conference or convention with stunning conference items.

Our range of conference gifts will delight everyone attending.

Leave your clients, employees and customers in amazement and with something to remember you by.

Conference gifts are a token of what your company, organisation, business or brand stand for.

Embody your values and company message on a product that can be used and remembered.

Add to the value of the items by branding your logo or company name on the gifts.

When people attend your conference or function, it is an added bonus to receive a parting gift; it is a personal thank you and displays your effort.

Branded corporate gifts add immense value to your company or brand’s message, it reinforces your brand’s visibility.

Make your company or brand’s presence known and be all eyes long after the conference.

By branding your logo on conference items and related corporate products, you are investing in your company or brand’s growth.

Conferences draw all kinds of potential clients, customers and employees, leave them with a memorable item that connects them with your company or brand.

Promotional Products Johannesburg

Promotional products Johannesburg, we supply the best promotional items and branded promotional products in Johannesburg and South Africa.

Johannesburg is a popular space to hold conferences, expo’s, company events and open days.

Making us great for ordering promotional and corporate items from, as we supply to Johannesburg!

Conference items enhance and liven up your function, taking it to the next level.

Fill your corporate event with unique and creative branded products.

Promotional Merchandise Ideas Johannesburg

Bullet Torch Keyring-P983S
Foldable Lunch Cooler-P2365R

Promotional merchandise ideas, we will give you the best gift ideas that are truly innovative and unique.

Looking for promotional products that are a little different and exciting?

We have a wide selection of promotional items that will keep your clients and customers enthused and thankful.

Connection with clients and customers on a new level of interaction.

Engage with promotional products that are fun, functional and trendy.

Our products aim to please, produce joy and help build your brand!


Promotional Gifts Suppliers online

Ruler and Stationery Set-P940W

Promotional gift suppliers, in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Looking for the best in the business, to guide you through excellent corporate and promotional products?

View our corporate gifts catalogue and get your brand on the minds of many.


Promotional Pens

Rocket Pen-PN008E
Diamante Pen-PN036B
Galaxy Pen-PN045E
Ripple Pen-PN037R

Promotional pens are always a winner! They help promote your brand in a big way.

The most effective business card in the world! Your name at everyone’s fingertips.

We all use a pen, even in this time of technology!

Pens are always in need and in use. A product well worth investing in.

Invest in the future of your brand with a promotional pen and watch your brand or company grow.

Pens are used by almost everyone daily. By branding your logo on a pen, your brand name or company name can be in the clutching fingers of many and on display all over.

A pen is an essential item, needed for forget-me-not scribbles and inspired thoughts. It’s the item that helps jot down your most important reminders and exploding ideas.

Everyone grabs for a pen, carries one around with them and is always seeing one laying around or used by someone else.

Be the brand that is seen on pens everywhere. Think of it as, your brand’s presence always being alive somewhere among everyone.


Branded Pens

Branded pens are one of the best ways to promote your brand, organisation or company.

Pens are the life source behind great ideas, innovative thoughts and big dreams.

Let your brand be part of making magic happen and dreams turn into reality.

A branded product optimizes and enhances the experience of your brand.

Branding allows you to connect with clients and customers in a unique way.


Branded Water Bottles

Tritan Water Bottle Infuser 750ml-P2337
24hr Flask 1ltr-P2220

Branded water bottles are a great product that can promote your brand and enhance the experience of your brand.

Water is a resource in high demand and vital for survival, store this important mineral in a branded water bottle.

Make your brand or company, the one to stand out and quench the thirst of many.


Shopping Bags South Africa

Scopic Gusset Shopper-BAG094F
Concord Gusset Shopper Bag-BAG093Bf
Quantum Non-Woven Cooler [24-Can]-P2377L

Shopping bags South Africa, we supply great quality shopper bags that can be branded with your logo on.

A shopping bag makes a great promotional item for promoting your brand, company or organisation.

Shoppers come in many styles, sizes and colours. Choose one that fits your brand’s colours and aligns with your ethos.

A bag is a fantastic item to brand and increase your brand visibility.

Bags are used many times over and are always needed for storing and holding all your items.

A shopper bag is great for packing all your promotional goodies in that are branded with your logo.

Gain maximum exposure and brand reach with a shopper bag.


Eco-Friendly Stationery

Stone Paper Block-ST255B

Eco-friendly stationery, a better and smarter choice for your promotional and corporate gifts.

Great items when branded with your logo.

Make fantastic personal gifts that have practical use and are fun to have in the office.

With your brand on environmentally friendly products, you’ll be aligned your brand with something that matters and makes a difference.

Promotional products help your brand or company represent itself and stay visible in the eyes of your clients and customers.

Represent your brand with branded products that encourage awareness and gain support for your brand.

Being eco-friendly through how your brand, company or organisation communicates is how your brand is seen.

Present a strong and forward thinking image of care and respect for the earth.

Promote your brand in style without harming the environment and be the reason for conscious thinking.

Make the smarter and better choice for your brand or business and gain the benefit of respect, trust and loyalty.


Eco-Friendly Pens

Recycle Pen-PN038I

Eco-friendly pens are the solution to promoting with a greener conscious.

Join the revolution of environmental awareness. Being eco-friendly is a fast growing movement in the world.

Stay in tune with the changing nature of nature and help nurture our earth.

Preserve the world and your brand with pens, notebooks and stationery made with thoughtful care.

Align your company, brand, business or organisation with values that show your empathy for the future.

Gain respect and loyal support from clients and customers.

Invest in the future of the earth and your brand with pens that make a difference.


Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Thick Recycle Notebook & Pen-ST326I
Wood Mid-Size Notebook & Pen-ST325I

Eco-friendly notebooks are fantastic to align your brand with.

Promote the eco-conscious nature of your brand and encourage the preservation of the earth.

Our notebooks that are eco-friendly, are made from recycled materials.

A natural look and simple finish, add your brand to a product that is stylish and elegant.

Transition your brand, business, organisation or company to a more conscious and caring way of doing business.

Help nurture our future and join a movement of change and good intentions.

Why are eco-friendly products great for your company?

  • Builds trusting and supportive connections
  • Creates a strong set of values and ethos
  • Encourages a greener lifestyle and awareness
  • Lessens your carbon foot print


Branded Notebooks

Flower Notebook A5-ST321P

Branded notebooks, select from a large variety of notebooks that we supply.

Notebooks are a classic choice for your corporate gifts or promotional products, as they can be branded beautifully and have a functional use.

Gifting a notebook for your executive clients, shows your gratitude for their efforts and business.

Display your care and appreciation for your most valued employees and staff members.

Branded notebooks can assist in promoting your brand.

Display elegance and effortless professionalism with a notebook branded with your logo.


A5 Notebooks Branded

Agenda A5 Notebook-ST305RA5

A5 notebooks branded, are a popular choice for corporate gifts and promotional products.

A branded notebook offers you the opportunity to display your brand in style.

Notebooks are a valuable and personal way to promote your brand and carry your brand’s message across.

We supply a large variety of notebooks, journals and notepads, that can be branded with your logo for full brand visibility.

Connect with clients, customers and employees with a notebook that provides the power to create and inspire.

Think of all the meetings, lecture halls, libraries, homes, banks, hotels and offices your branded notebook could be on display!

Everyone is in need of notebooks everyone, make your brand the one to be used and seen by all.

Notebooks are well-priced, offer long lasting branding and practical use.

Looking for the perfect gift set for executive clients or something special to gift a deserving employee?

Our selection of notebook sets are elegantly packaged in presentation boxes and come with a beautiful pen. Add to the set with your branding and keep your company name or brand logo alive.

Create memories with branded notebooks, enhance your company or brand’s experience, grow strong business connections and carry your brand or company’s message in sleek style.


Branded Diaries

Branded diaries, start the year of right with your branding on a diary that will see clients, customers or employees right through the year.

Gain brand exposure and brand visibility all year long with a diary branded with your logo!

Diaries are the ideal corporate gift for clients and customers.

A corporate gift branded with your company name or brand logo, that can be used everyday for a whole year. This is a corporate item which does all your marketing and brand visibility for you! An item that is always on display and used.

Your brand or company name can be in the hands of many others, seen by everyone who comes into contact with it and on the minds of all who come across it.

Diaries branded with your logo or company or brand logo, hold major power.

Achieve high levels of brand reach, exposure and visibility with a branded diary.

Every company or brand should invest in diaries branded with their logo, it is a great representation of company unity and branding.

Each employee that owns a diary branded with their company logo, serves as a great incentive for your branding and marketing initiates that require minimal effort.


Silicone Card Holder For Phones




Silicone card holder for phones, a nifty and highly useful promotional item or corporate gift.

A functional product for your two most important items to travel together.

Phones and credit cards are vital in the world of today. Both help people get around and capable of purchasing.

Make this a quick and stress-free activity, with a silicone card phone holder, to keep your phone and cards together!

This product, is a fast trending promotional product to have your brand name or company logo on.

Stay in tune with the hottest promotional products and gain major reward for your branding and increased interest in your company.

The silicone phone card holder is a stylish promotional product, it makes customizing your phone fun and functional!

Brand your company logo or brand message for a fun and quirky take on branding!

It easily fits to the back of most phones with a strong adhesive backing, that securely holds your cards in place.

The silicone card holders are made from super durable silicone material.

Make clients and customers life’s easier by gifting these funky and cool promotional items!

They’ll be ever grateful and have your brand to thank!

It gets better, your brand will be seen and on full display, as phones are always in the hands of everyone!

Silicone phone card holders are the perfect gift or promotional item that is on trend and marketed towards the age of cellphone and technology.

Technology Corporate Gifts

Technology corporate gifts to surprise and delight your clients.

Technology is rapidly taking over how the world operates and how we interact with one another.

Gifting your clients or customers with technology gifts and gadgets is a cool and unique way to show your thanks and spark new connections.

We offer technology products that are practical and nifty for almost every purpose!

Our technology catalogue includes:

  • Car USB chargers
  • Power banks
  • Selfie sticks
  • Portable speakers
  • Headphones
  • Earphones
  • USB’s
  • Charging cables
  • USB hubs

Technology gifts are growing rapidly popular as technology gadgets are taking over with new and innovative inventions each day!

Stay up to date with what is trending and in use, technology items are the way forward especially for branding and marketing.

Branding technology products with your logo or company name is the key to success with clients and customers.

Technology items are the driving force within the world today and communication.

Communicate your company or brand’s message with branded technology items.

Relate with clients and customers with relevant products that they will be happy to use.

Marketing is all about staying relevant with the changing nature of the world and being able to relate with your clients and customers.

Branded USB Flash Drives

Branded USB flash drives are a great way to promote your brand and reach your audience.

A USB is used in almost every office, school, business, hospitality industry, university and home.

With memory sticks being so popular and useful, it is a fantastic promotional or corporate gift item to brand your logo on.

Flash drives are products that stick out of computers, hang on lanyards, twirl around on key rings and are on display.

Branding a USB flash drive is one of the best ways to ensure brand visibility and the continued marketing of your brand.

Gel Mouse Pads South Africa

Gel mouse pads are perfect for conveying your brand’s message and promoting your brand.

A mouse pad is a promotional item that will be on the desks of many, putting your brand or company name in optimal view.

Mouse pads are functional and fun! Choose from our cool designs and funky colours, to match your brand.

They are inexpensive and provide great value for your brand’s marketing.

We supply sublimation mouse pads and mouse pads with a gel wrist support.

Portable Speakers

Portable Capsule Speaker-P2352B





Portable speakers are all the rage and make super cool branded items!

They are easy to carry around and compact to travel with anywhere.

Let the beats blast and dance moves come out with your brand to thank.

Pump up any party day or night.

Everyone loves listening to music and busting out some sweet moves, enhance the experience with awesome branded portable speakers!

Perfect as branded promotional items for giveaways, expo’s, open days and brand advertisement.

It’s super nifty and comes in handy for those spontaneous road trips or weekend getaways.

Make your clients or customers break out their inner super star singer or freestyle till the break of dawn!

Branded technology goes a long way, offering long lasting brand and awesome quality.

Speakers are always useful and will be used by the whole family.

They make great gifts for all; adults, kids, travelers, office workers, young and old!

Connect your clients and customers with music and happiness by connecting them to your brand.


Promotional Power Banks

Power Bank-P2239R







Promotional power banks will be an instant hit when gifted and brand beautifully with your logo on.

Looking for that nifty and super functional promotional product, that will carry your brand and make clients delighted?

Power banks are the solution!

A power bank will be your buddy, ready to charge up and go for the busy day ahead!

Branded power banks with your logo on will look fantastic and offer long lasting brand to ensure your brand or company name continue to be on display.

Think of all the office workers jetting around from conference to conference, meeting to meeting or pitching their next great big idea.

Gift them with the perfect corporate gift or promotional item that will solve all their problems.

It will power up all their devices and make life a breeze.

Calm your clients or customers worries with a power bank, to keep their devices charger up and ready to use.

Power banks make super cool promotional gifts for university students, who are darting from lectures, study sessions and their busy social lives.

Keep them in contact with their friends and devices powered up for late night assignments to get done!

Students, office workers, travelers and anyone who needs their devices charged up, will be eternally grateful to your brand or company.

Receive great rewards of gratitude, brand reach, visibility and enthused support for your business or brand.



Branded Mugs

Sublimation Rim Mug-P2321B

Branded mugs with your logo on will stun and dazzle your clients!

Think of coffee and tea mugs that are always sitting on office desks, in company boardrooms, hotels, restaurants and homes.

A mug with your logo on could be that mug, the one everyone sees and uses.

Mugs make excellent promotional and corporate products, especially when they are printed with your logo or company name.

Looking for a branded product that will be on display and used?

Branded mugs are your answer!

Your logo can be beautifully branded and represent your image well.

Gain great brand visibility, reach and interest.

Clients and customers will be sipping away with your brand or company on their lips!

Coffee or tea is an essential element for getting any day started and going.

Connect your mug with your logo branded on, with the success of someone’s accomplishments.

Create unity at your office, business or organisation with mugs branded with your logo.

Encourage the growth and pride of your mug with a company logo mug!

Branded Travel Mugs

Plastic Travel Mug-P803B

Branded travel mugs are a great corporate gift for clients or promotional item.

Gift a travel mug to your executive client and delight them with a gift with use and your branding on.

Travel mugs are great for those on the go and always hopping around from meetings, classes or countries!

Branded travel mugs can be gifted to students to save them through all the late night study sessions and constant hopping between lectures.

For business workers, darting between meetings and pitches needing that caffeine hit.

Or people sipping between picking up kids, cleaning the house and being the chauffeur to everyone.

Travel mugs as stated in its name, make exceptional travel buddies.

Brand your logo on a travel mug and be sure to receive the rewards of pleased clients, happy customers and brand visibility increase!

SWAG Promotional Products Company South Africa

Compact Mirror-P2349W

SWAG promotional products supplier in South Africa.

We supply the best corporate gifting products for your conference or company events.

Brand Innovation is the premium supplier of SWAG promotional merchandise within South Africa.

As a SWAG supplier company, we pride ourselves in supply corporate and promotional products that are unique and innovative.

Looking for those perfect items to add to your conference or company function?

We’ve got all the solutions for you!

View our SWAG corporate and promotional products, that will have your clients, employees or customers in awe.

Branded SWAG products offer long lasting branding, excellent quality and items that you will be proud to brand your logo or company name on.

Corporate Gifts in Johannesburg are best supplied by Brand Innovation