Coffee Mugs Johannesburg

Coffee Mugs Johannesburg

Coffee Mugs Johannesburg – A branded coffee mug is a hot commodity in an office. It’s often the case that everyone has their own specific mug that they prefer, and will only use that one. This makes Coffee mugs such a brilliant promotional item! A coffee mug is something that people can get very specific about and that they like to claim as their own.

At Corporate Gifts Johannesburg we have a large selection of gorgeous, customizable coffee mugs for you to choose from, in a rainbow of colours. Different shapes, sizes, novelty features and a range that extends from a standard ceramic mug to a Car Charger Double Wall travel mug that you can keep warm on your commute.

Many people like to have a warm beverage while they’re at work, whether it’s coffee, hot chocolate, or whichever flavour of tea you prefer, a mug is the right tool for the job and it makes it that much better when the mug is specifically yours.

For a good quality, cost-effective branding solution that will warm people up from the inside out, you can count on Corporate Gifts Johannesburg

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs are the best way to curb any debate as to whose mug is whose. We can print your mugs with both your brand as well as individual names.

This brings the ultimate personal touch to a mug. Statistics state that customers who receive a gift from a company are twice as likely to feel appreciated by that company. Just imagine how much more true that would be if you gave your clients a personalised mug. It really gives a gift that touch of personality and lets the person you’re gifting know how much time and thought you put into getting them a present that is just right for them.

They also make for stunning staff gifts. At Corporate Gifts Johannesburg, we have personalised mugs and we really enjoy them. It really can make your staff feel appreciated and like they have been individually acknowledged when they are gifted with a mug that is specifically. When you’re looking for a great, multipurpose gift that has an individual touch, a great choice is Personalised Coffee Mugs.

Just for example, one of the mugs we use at the office is the Sublimation Rim Mug

Sublimation Rim Mug

  • Gift Box
  • Grade A Ceramic
  • Sublimation Coating
  • 4 Fun colour rims

Sublimation Rim Mug  – Sublimation is the process of printing whereby the ink is heat sealed onto the mug. The Rim mug as colour on both the handle and the rim of the mug, which is where it gets its name from. These are one of our most popular mugs. They look fantastic, the colour is great and so is the printing. We’re very fond of our Rim Mugs.

The mug itself is white and comes with black, navy blue, sky blue and red accents. It can take a full colour sublimation print with your brand on one side and a personalised name on the other side in a variety of fonts. This mug is one that we have tried and tested ourselves and we recommend the Sublimation Rim Mug.

Branding on this Sublimation Rim Mug

  • Wrap Around Branding
    • Maximum 20cm x 7.5cm Branding Area
    • Full Colour Sublimation
  • Personalised Branding
    • 7cm x 7.5cm Logo Branding Area
    • 7cm x 1.8cm Name Branding Area

Coffee Mugs Johannesburg

Whirl Mug and Spoon

  • A Grade Ceramic Mug and Spoon
  • Gift Box
  • Red and Blue

Mug and Spoon Sets are a super neat gift. It saves the hassle of looking for something to stir your sugar in with when it’s always there waiting for you. This gorgeous mug has notches in the handle to store its matching coloured spoon in. The outside of the mug is matte in either red or blue and the inside is white, with a capacity for 300ml of liquid.Coffee Mugs Johannesburg


This mug makes a particularly good gift because it comes as a complete set by itself, it comes in a gift box and it looks very put together and neat. By itself, it makes a complete gift, which is part of what makes it so wonderful.

Branding on this Mug and Spoon Set

  • Branding on the Mug
  • 3cm x 4cm branding area
  • Up to a two colour print

Colour Changing Coffee Mug

Heat Change Sublimation Mug

  • Grade A Ceramic
  • Colour changing technology
  • Gift Box

Magic Mugs are amazing. A great way to surprise your clients with a gift is to get them a black or blue coffee mug. This mug seems ordinary until boiling water is poured into it.  At this point, the heat activates the colour change and the white mug and your logo are revealed beneath the other colour! Just like magic! This makes it a fantastic gift. It has a great, fun feature that not every mug has in that it can reveal a hidden brand like a magician making his assistant appear out of thin air, and it has the more practical function of letting you know when your coffee is cold.

The Heat change Sublimation Mug makes for a lovely gift and it’s one of our mugs that can be personalised as well! So you have the option of a full colour wrap around sublimation or a personalised, Colour Changing Coffee Mug.

Coffee Mugs Johannesburg

Branding on this Magic Mug

  • Wrap Around Branding
    • Maximum 20cm x 7.5cm Branding Area
    • Full Colour Sublimation
  • Personalised Branding
    • 7cm x 7.5cm Logo Branding Area
    • 7cm x 1.8cm Name Branding Area

Chalk Board Mug

Chalk Mug

  • Ceramic Mug
  • Gift Box
  • X1 Chalk stick

Chalk Board Mugs are a lot of fun. It’s a great way to leave someone a little message. Maybe your co-worker is having a bad day? A cup of their favourite hot beverage with a personal message to let them know that things will get better can really lift their spirits and is a thoughtful way to show them that you care. After all, your colleagues are the people that you spend some of the most time with.

Coffee Mugs Johannesburg

With a chalk mug you can claim a mug as yours for the day, you can write down the way you like your drink so that that no one gets the wrong cup. There are so many different uses for this mug, and so many fun applications. You can have a different witty slogan on your cup every day of the week with a Chalk Mug.

  • Branding on this Chalk Mug:
    • Branding on the back
    • 3cm x 4cm Branding Area
    • Up to two colour print
    • Pad printing
  • Branding on the Front
    • Full colour print
    • 6cm x 5cm Branding Area

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Car Charger Mug – Double Wall

  • Stainless Steel
  • Cord for Car Lighter
  • Insulated Lid
  • 450ml Capacity

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs are great way to keep your coffee hot while you’re on the road. A way to maximise that capacity for heat retention is with a double walled mug that will keep the heat in and can be also be plugged into your car lighter to keep it hot for when you get into the office. This mug looks sleek and professional and makes for an awesome gift.

Coffee Mugs Johannesburg

Branding on this Stainless Steel Travel Mug

  • Branding on the Front
    • 3cm x 4cm Branding area
    • Up to two colours
    • Pad printing
  • Branding on the Back
    • 5cm x 4cm Branding Area
    • Full Colour Print
    • OR
    • Engraving

Coffee Mugs Johannesburg

At Corporate Gifts Johannesburg, we have a wide variety of mugs for you to choose from and are proud to be able to offer you these choices to make your brand stand out on your perfect coffee mug.

To place an order, or to get more information about what we have to offer you can email  and we will be glad to assist you.

We are proud to offer you this range of top quality Coffee Mugs Johannesburg.

Power Banks Johannesburg

Power Banks Johannesburg – Johannesburg is a city that is constantly on the go. There’s always something to do and some place to be. When you’re always on the move, you can’t afford to waste time waiting for your technology to charge. This is why Corporate Gifts Johannesburg has the perfect solution to the challenges presented by the fast-paced world of business. Power Banks. Power banks make for superb corporate gifts. Power banks are like your own little plug point in your pocket. They come in varying sizes and battery capabilities to suit your needs and they can have fun special features like speakers or torches built into them.

In a world where technology is so common place, power banks should be too. They make for fantastic gifts and when your GPS or cell phone need a boost then it’s always a relief to know that you have a power bank of standby so that you can relax and breathe easy knowing that your devices aren’t going to run out of power just when you need them the most.

Portable Charger

Portable Charger is another way of saying power bank. Most power banks come with a connector cable that will allow you to connect them to most devices from Android to iPhone. A few of them even have connectors for iPads as well. We know it’s important to have a fully charged device, no matter if you’re waiting on an important call or if you might be in a situation where you’ll need to call someone in case of emergency. Or even if you’re out on the trail and you’re using a satellite GPS. Even on a long car trip, if you’re using a GPS or if your kid really, really wants to play candy crush in the back seat, you can go a long way with a Portable Charger.

Solar Power Banks

Solar Power Banks are incredibly useful. They’re the perfect gift for a camping expedition or safari. When you’re out in the bush, there isn’t exactly a plug point under the nearest Aloe. And when you’re on the move there often isn’t a chance to stop and charge your gadgets at every stop. Especially when you want to charge your phone to let everyone back home know how you’re doing, your GPS so that you know where you’re going and your camera batteries so that you can capture this incredible experience.

And when everyone on your team is trying to do the exact same thing as you are? It’s chaos. This is where Solar Power Banks come in. When you’re a long way from a plug point, you want something that’s not going to run out of juice after one use. A solar bank is the perfect solution to this because you can recharge it during the day and then use it to charge your gadgets during the night.

The Solar Rechargeable Power Bank and Torch

Solar Recharger Power Banks and Torch – this awesome device comes with two USB ports and a micro USB connector cable and the battery of this power bank comes in at 5000mAh. One side has solar panels for charging and it has LED bulbs on with a switch on the side so that you can use it as a handy torch as well. This makes it doubly useful for when you’re in the wilderness, as a torch is one of those things that you will always need when you’re camping. It also means that you don’t have to worry about bringing backup batteries for your torch because those can really weigh you down. Instead this power bank offers a light, convenient solution!

Power banks Johannesburg

Icarus 12 LED 5000mAh Solar Power Bank

Icarus over here comes with a 5000mAh battery, 12 bright LEDs opposite the solar panel, and a 3-in-1 charger cable to make this power bank a real triple threat. It also has a super handy carabiner clip so that you can clip it onto your backpack to charge and keep on trekking, no stress! It’s eco friendly silica case is resistant to dust, shock and water and houses two concealed USB ports. This beautiful solar power bank makes for an amazing corporate gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or has a green conscience and places value in renewable energy.

Power Banks Johannesburg

Power Banks Johannesburg are what you need when you’re on 3% with that breakthrough deal about to come through. These days technology can make or break you and a power bank can give you the boost that you need to keep going and seize the day, the opportunity and the contract that you worked so hard for.

Navatis 2000mAh Powerbank

The Navatis Power Bank comes in 6 stunning colours and has a 4-in-1 charger cable so that you can use it with as many devices as possible. That[‘s what makes it such a wonderful corporate gifting solution. This power bank is incredibly flexible and has a lot of different options available for branding and use. The Navatis can be used and recharged up to 500 times, making it a very handy power bank to have around, like a protein shake for when your tech is running low on steam, this product will see you through.

Zoom Energy Extreme (5600Mah) Power Bank

Code : TECH-4241

Power banks are portable. This means that whether they’re in your pocket or your bag they’re likely to take a few knocks along the road. The Zoom Power Bank is the Power Bank equivalent of a tank. This power bank has Ingress Protection (IP65) meaning that it has a high level of resistance to dust particles and water. The silicone exterior is also impact resistant so this power bank can handle whatever you can throw at it. It also has a standby time of 6 months, which makes it a great emergency power bank to keep for when you’re travelling.

90% of all horror movie situations can be avoided by keeping one of these power banks in your glove compartment.

Durable Power Bank [10,000mAh]


Durable Power Bank is as it says on the box. This power bank has a metal casing to keep it safe, a massive 10 000mAh battery capacity and a quick charge time, a long life cycle and it can be engraved or silk screened with your brand. As far as power banks go, this one is a power house.

Power banks Johannesburg

At Corporate Gifts Johannesburg we know that power is the way forward, and we know how much people value and appreciate a practical corporate gift. Power banks put big ticks in both of those boxes and we are happy to offer you a beautiful range of power banks from 1000mAh to 10 000mAh and in an incredible selection of sizes, shapes and colours. We are your one-stop shop for Power Banks Johannesburg.

First Aid Kits Johannesburg

First Aid Kits Johannesburg

First Aid Kits Johannesburg make wonderful gifts and promotional items and are also a great thing to have. It’s always better to be prepared just in case of an accident than have something go wrong and not have any way to handle the situation.

It is mandatory by government regulation for all offices in South Africa to have a first aid kit of the appropriate size on their premises. This means that not only is a First Aid Kit a necessity, it’s also a very thoughtful gift.

With Corporate Gifts Johannesburg you can provide all your offices nationwide with first aid kits, or you can gift them to your clients as a reminder of how much you care about them and value their business.

First aid kits are great to have wherever you are, from the sports fields to the office, accidents can happen. And if they do, with our beautifully branded government regulation first aid kits, you’ll be prepared for just that eventuality.

We stock an array of first aids, from small kits, medium kits, large kits as well as government regulation kits and travel kits for when you’re on the move.

Our Government Regulation First Aid Kits are as the kind that are mandatory in offices across the country and we have these options for you to choose from:

Government Regulation First Aid Kits:

Government Regulation Seven First Aid Kit

  • Designed for up to 25 people
  • Comes in a large metal case
  • The case is wall mountable.

Government Regulation First Aid Kits are there to give you the ultimate peace of mind. The kit should be located in a central area for ease of access, and in the case of the Regulation Seven, it can be mounted onto the wall. The metal box that the first aid kit comes in is 46cm x 34cm and 14cm deep. This kit is fantastic for an office because it caters to up to 25 people, the case it comes in is secure, and it contains the essential items for emergency first aid that will help accidents as small as a papercut as well as help someone with a First Aid qualification control the situation until the patient can be taken to a hospital.

The Regulation Seven Contains:

  • 2 x CPR Mouth Piece (Resus Aid)
  • 10 x Sticking Plaster Strips
  • 4 x Pairs of Examination Gloves
  • 1 x Elastic Adhesive Bandage
  • 1 x Pack Non-Sterile Gauze 50mm x 50mm
  • 1 x Set of 10 safety pins
  • 4 x 75mm Roller Bandage
  • 4 x 100mm Roller Bandage
  • 2 x Packs of 100mm x 100mm Sterile Gauze
  • 1 x 100ml Antiseptic Liquid
  • 4 x No.3 First Aid Dressing
  • 4 x No.5 First Aid Dressing
  • 1 x Microporous Paper Tape
  • 5 x Paper Towels
  • 1 x Absorbent Granules
  • 1 x 50g Roll of Cotton Wool
  • 4 x Triangular Bandages
  • 2 x Splints
  • 4 x Safety Gloves
  • 1 x Pair of Scissors
  • 1 x Pair of Forceps
  • 1 x Bio-Hazard Bag
  • 2 x Disinfectant Sachets

Government Regulation Three First Aid Kit

  • Designed for up to 15 people
  • Portable plastic container
  • Ideal for home and small offices

The Government Regulation Three First Aid Kit is great for using at home or in a small office. It comes in a green and white plastic container that is still stable and is easy to transport to where it is needed if the patient cannot be moved. Just like the Reg 7, the Regulation 3 First Aid Kit should be kept in a central location so that it can be easily accessed in case of emergencies. This particular first aid kit makes a wonderful gift because it can be used either in the office or for personal use.

The Regulation Three Contains:

  • 1 x Pair of Scissors
  • 1 x Pair of Tweezers
  • 1 x 3m of 25mm Paper Tape
  • 4 x Triangular Bandages N/W
  • 10 x Safety Pins
  • 1 x 50mm Non-Sterile Gauze Swabs
  • 1 x CPR Mouth Piece
  • 10 x Plaster Strips
  • 1 x 100ml Antiseptic Liquid
  • 4 x No. 3 First Aid Dressing
  • 4 x No. 5 First Aid Dressing
  • 1 x Roll of Cotton Wool
  • 2 x Splints
  • 4 x 75mm Roller Bandages
  • 4 x 100mm Roller Bandages
  • 1 x 3m 25mm of Plaster Roll
  • 4 x Pairs Examination Gloves
  • 4 x 100mm Sterile Gauze Swabs

Basic Vehicle First Aid Kit

  • Travel sized
  • 3 Standard Colours of Bag

Basic Vehicle First Aid Kits are a great investment. It’s a very useful thing to have when you’re on the go, even if you’re just going on a family trip to the beach, it pays to be prepared. A first aid kit in the car can help with stubbed toes. Because of its portable nature, the Basic Vehicle First Aid Kit is a very popular item and can be incredibly useful for companies with fleets of cars, such as taxi companies and couriers, who have employees who are on the road more often than not.

Though the standard colours for this bag are blue, red and white, we can manufacture them in whichever colour you require.

Contents of the Basic Vehicle First Aid Kit

  • 1 x 50mm Roller Bandage
  • 1 x 50ml Antiseptic Liquid
  • 1 x Mini Cotton Wool Roll
  • 1 x 75mm Roller Bandage
  • 10 x Cotton Buds
  • 1 x Pairs of Examination Gloves
  • 2 x 50mm x 50mm Gauze Swabs
  • 1 x CPR Mouth Piece
  • 1 x Pair Scissors
  • 1 x Forceps
  • 5 x Plaster Strips
  • 6 x Safety Pins


A First Aid Kit make for wonderful gifts because they can show your client how much you care about their safety and wellbeing. In an emergency a first aid kit in the hands of someone with first aid training can be the difference between life and death. Small things can make a huge difference and with a first aid kit can give a client huge piece of mind.

First Aid Kits Johannesburg

Knowing that we have helped improve someone be safe makes use just that much more proud to call ourselves suppliers of First Aid Kits Johannesburg

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg are a beautiful way to show your appreciation for someone, be it the renewal of an old partnership, or the beginning of a new one. It also makes a great acknowledgement of service. A Montblanc is an heirloom pen. These magnificent luxury pens are a victory of form and function and have the name and reputation that makes them a truly notable gift.

The signature Montblanc Snowflake logo makes it very recognisable, and is representative of the Mont Blanc peak when viewed from above. This logo was adopted in 1913. This is an executive brand that makes beautiful, high quality products that you can be seen being used by celebrities like Hugh Jackman, printed larger than life in the windows of high end jewellers. Montblanc has a wide and beautiful range of luxury pens, wallets and other leather goods as well as fragrances, watches and cufflinks. Still, their pens were their first products and remain possibly one of their most well-known items.

Montblanc Pens in Johannesburg

Montblanc Pens in Johannesburg – Corporate Gifts Johannesburg is a supplier of Montblanc products in Johannesburg. We supply you with superb Montblanc pens to use as corporate gifts. To truly personalise this gorgeous gift, we can engrave the plaque in the presentation box for you.

Giving someone a Montblanc pen is giving them something that they can hand down for generations. These exquisite pens can be treasured family heirlooms. A Montblanc pen is a symbol of status, a true treasure, and has been for over a century.

When you give someone a Montblanc pen, you are honouring them. And that is why we at Corporate Gifts Johannesburg are honoured to be suppliers of Montblanc Pens in Johannesburg.

Luxury Pens

Luxury pens are the focus of the Montblanc range, and the following two are our bestselling Montblanc pens, and we’d like to let you know exactly why they are so popular.

Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black

The Starwalker Midnight Black is a gorgeous executive pen. The barrel is made of glossy black precious resin, accented with a ruthenium plated clip and ruthenium plated rings around the barrel. And all of this stunning design is topped off with a clear cap-top that has the signature Montblanc snowflake logo suspended inside it and visible from the top.

So as not to compromise the integrity of this beautiful precious resin barrel, we engrave your message on a plaque that goes inside the sleek presentation box that each Montblanc pen comes with.

This stunning mastery of design is the Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black.

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg 1

Montblanc PIX Ballpoint

Montblanc PIX Ballpoint – is a model that is inspired by the clean, structural elements of the Bauhaus architectural movement. The cap and barrel are made from Montblanc’s signature black precious resin and features beautiful, platinum coated detailing.

The PIX pen is named for the historical Montblanc PIX trademark. PIX was what Montblanc originally called their innovative pencils, and they carried the trademark over to the ballpoint pens when they began to produce them. The registered trade mark can be seen beneath the clip on genuine Montblanc pens as counterfeit prevention measure. With all this history on top of its elegant appearance, it’s easy to understand the popularity of the Montblanc PIX Ballpoint.

Montblanc Leather Notebooks

Leather Notebooks are another product offered by Montblanc. They create gorgeous high quality notebooks with the utmost attention to detail. Our Meisterstuck notebook is a prime example of that.

Montblanc Meisterstuck A5 Notebook

Luxury Leather Notebook – this luxury leather notebook is an absolutely stunning executive gift. The covering is made of full grain, black European leather that has been polished to achieve that distinctive Montblanc gloss. The leather jacket contains place for cards and a pen. Beneath that lustrous leather jacket lies a Montblanc branded notebook. We can brand this notebook for you by embossing a logo or name into the leather of the jacket, giving it an elegant finish.

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg 1

Please not that this item does not include a pen and is only the Montblanc Meisterstuck A5 Notebook.

Montblanc Leather Folders

Montblanc Leather Folders as another beautiful executive gifting item that we supply. These folders and pouches are made to fit a variety of products, from iPads and other tablets to business cards and iPhones. These come in a selection of colours like black, cognac, navy and burgundy and are made from genuine leather. Designed to fit snuggly around your technology, these pouches are subtly branded with the Montblanc logo as a gentle reminder of the quality of the product. The iPad cases also have a flat pocket on the back and zip up to keep your tablet safe and sound.

The phone cases are fitted for an iPhone five and are made from high shine European cowhide with a microfiber inner to bring your phone screen up to that signature Montblanc deep shine.

These are just a taste of the gorgeous Montblanc Leather Folders that we can supply you with.

Montblanc Leather Wallets

Montblanc Leather Wallets come in a variety of styles for both gentlemen and ladies.

La Vie De Boheme Ladies Long Wallet

This elegant wallet is the kind of luxury item that makes for a perfect gift for an executive woman. The wallet is made from genuine Russian Calfskin that has a Desert Sand gloss finish and is the lining fabric is printed with the Montblanc logo. Inside this gorgeous wallet, it has two pockets, one zipped coin pocket, a bank note holder and eight card holder sleeves. The metal trimmings are coated with glossy light gold. It even has a back pocket for even more space. La Vie De Boheme is truly a perfect marriage of form and function.

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg 1

Montblanc Meisterstuck Wallet

The Meisterstuck is an incredible example of excellent craftsmanship, as is to be expected of s product produced by Montblanc.  This is a stunning executive gift for men, beautifully made with full grain, black European cowhide with the subtle Montblanc logo embedded into its high gloss leather exterior. Inside, the wallet has the Montblanc name branded across the Jaquard lining. This truly is a mastery of design.

Montblanc Cufflinks

Montblanc cufflinks are a stunning accent to a formal suit, and make for a beautiful executive gift. Montblanc has a range of cufflinks made from different materials, such as ceramic cufflinks that come in either black or white, inset with black onyx and milky quartz respectively. The range of materials also includes titanium, stainless steel, silver and red gold. These exquisite cufflinks make the most gorgeous gifts.

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg

Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg Ceramic and Milky Quartz Cufflinks

If you’re interested in placing an order for our magnificent Montblanc products you can contact us at

These stunning products and the history behind the Montblanc Company are why we are so delighted to be able to offer you Montblanc Corporate Gifts Johannesburg.

T Shirts Johannesburg

T Shirts Johannesburg

T Shirts Johannesburg – T shirts are a fantastic promotional and corporate item. Coming away from something with a T shirt is a great feeling. They make for beautiful branded items and for promotional products. A T shirt is something fun and easy to wear when you’re out and about, being active and having fun. They come in lots of sizes and colours, which makes them perfect for branding and giveaways. The T shirt is the ultimate in versatile corporate branding.

T Shirt Sizes

T Shirt Sizes that we offer are from S to XXXL. If you’re interested in a specific t shirt, our wonderful Account Executives will organise the stock for you, and you can choose from a range of sizes within our minimum order quantity.

T Shirt Colours

T Shirt Colours vary from shirt to shirt and a selection of the colours that it comes in should be included in the product page. This lets you choose the shirt colour that you want in the style that you want. If you can’t find it, you can let our Account Executives know and we will be delighted to try and source the item for you.

We can also print in a range of colours depending on the printing method that you would like. In embroidery, our machines can stitch in 9 different colours and we can do screen prints in up to 6 colours, depending on the product that you would like branded.

T Shirt Fabrics

T shirt Fabrics come in different weights of cloth and are priced accordingly. The unit of measurement for this is GSMs or Grams Per Square Metre. So 145gsm fabric weighs 145 grams per square metre of that fabric. The weight of the fabric correlates to its thread count. The higher the thread count, the higher the weight and as a direct result, the higher the price.

Our t shirts come in a range of weights from 145gsm and 165gsm to 180gsm.

We also have our shirts in a variety of different fabrics. We have polyester, cotton and blends of the two and other synthetics. Each of these has their own benefits.

Cotton is durable, absorbent and biodegradable, it also feels very nice against the skin. Cotton can also come in different strengths and grades. We stock Mercerised Cotton Golf Shirts. Mercerised cotton is cotton that has been dipped in a sodium dioxide bath and then neutralised with acid. This treatment makes the cotton very soft and durable and gives it a beautiful lustre.

The fabrics that our t shirts are made out of also have different properties. We have several moisture management shirts that will help to move perspiration away from the skin while you’re wearing it, keeping you dry while you go. Big name brands like Nike also use this kind of water wicking technology, though they call it Dri-FIT.

T Shirts Johannesburg

T Shirt Branding

T Shirt Branding is just one of the many services that we offer to our valued clients.

Among the branding methods that we offer you, we have:

  • Debossing
  • Embroidery
  • Heat Transfer
  • Screen Printing


Debossing is the practise of stamping a logo into a garment by using heat and pressure to create a permanent imprint in the fabric. This creates a beautiful, subtle monochrome brand. This is also a good choice for waterproof garments as it looks especially good and doesn’t damage the integrity of the fabric.


Embroidery is when needle and thread are used to stitch a decorative pattern or design into a piece of fabric. We use embroidery machines that we program with your design to stitch your brand into your garment. Our machines can embroider in up to 9 colours and embroidery is charged by how much thread is used in the creation of the logo.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing is done by printing your design onto specially designed vinyl transfer paper. This is then transferred onto the fabric using a heat press, which melts the vinyl into the fabric, bonding the image to the garment. This method is usually used when the brand or design is too intricate to use screen printing. The digital print means that the design can be much more intricate without compromising the clarity of the brand.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very popular method of printing images onto shirts and it done by pushing ink through a mesh screen stencil onto the fabric. This method is particularly good for bold, large logos with solid colours. Each colour is printed individually, which means that the more colours the more expensive the print will be, as Silk Screening is charged per colour.

Corporate T Shirts Johannesburg

Corporate T Shirts Johannesburg are a fun and funky way to commemorate special occasions and to have fun on sports days. It’s a lot of fun to have an office health and wellness day, or just an end of year function, but what makes it even more fun is being able to all stand together for a picture in your company t shirts. A corporate t shirt celebrates the occasion and is a cost effective way to include everyone in the event.

Promotional T Shirts

Promotional T Shirts Johannesburg are great. They’re great at bringing exposure to your brand, they’re great, cost effective promotional items. In short, they’re awesome! Everyone enjoys free things and free t shirts are an especially being part of that market. A free t shirt is usually a point of pride, particularly if it was from an event or company that you really enjoy.

T Shirts are also a fantastic way to spread the influence of your company around the world. A freebie t shirt from an event in South Africa can travel as far afield as North America or Europe, spreading your brand and its influence across the globe.

T Shirts Johannesburg

US Basic T Shirts

US Basic T Shirts are a range of fun, quality t shirts from US Basic, a European company that has a reputation for creating quality essential clothing items and focussing on keeping the craftsmanship of their range to a great standard. The keywords for US Basic are durability and style.


If you’d like to take a look at our online apparel catalogue you can find them at Brand Innovation or at US Basic. If you have any further questions or would like to place an order, please contact us at We are a supplier of T Shirts Johannesburg.