Power Banks Johannesburg

Power Banks Johannesburg – Johannesburg is a city that is constantly on the go. There’s always something to do and some place to be. When you’re always on the move, you can’t afford to waste time waiting for your technology to charge. This is why Corporate Gifts Johannesburg has the perfect solution to the challenges presented by the fast-paced world of business. Power Banks. Power banks make for superb corporate gifts. Power banks are like your own little plug point in your pocket. They come in varying sizes and battery capabilities to suit your needs and they can have fun special features like speakers or torches built into them.

In a world where technology is so common place, power banks should be too. They make for fantastic gifts and when your GPS or cell phone need a boost then it’s always a relief to know that you have a power bank of standby so that you can relax and breathe easy knowing that your devices aren’t going to run out of power just when you need them the most.

Portable Charger

Portable Charger is another way of saying power bank. Most power banks come with a connector cable that will allow you to connect them to most devices from Android to iPhone. A few of them even have connectors for iPads as well. We know it’s important to have a fully charged device, no matter if you’re waiting on an important call or if you might be in a situation where you’ll need to call someone in case of emergency. Or even if you’re out on the trail and you’re using a satellite GPS. Even on a long car trip, if you’re using a GPS or if your kid really, really wants to play candy crush in the back seat, you can go a long way with a Portable Charger.

Solar Power Banks

Solar Power Banks are incredibly useful. They’re the perfect gift for a camping expedition or safari. When you’re out in the bush, there isn’t exactly a plug point under the nearest Aloe. And when you’re on the move there often isn’t a chance to stop and charge your gadgets at every stop. Especially when you want to charge your phone to let everyone back home know how you’re doing, your GPS so that you know where you’re going and your camera batteries so that you can capture this incredible experience.

And when everyone on your team is trying to do the exact same thing as you are? It’s chaos. This is where Solar Power Banks come in. When you’re a long way from a plug point, you want something that’s not going to run out of juice after one use. A solar bank is the perfect solution to this because you can recharge it during the day and then use it to charge your gadgets during the night.

The Solar Rechargeable Power Bank and Torch

Solar Recharger Power Banks and Torch – this awesome device comes with two USB ports and a micro USB connector cable and the battery of this power bank comes in at 5000mAh. One side has solar panels for charging and it has LED bulbs on with a switch on the side so that you can use it as a handy torch as well. This makes it doubly useful for when you’re in the wilderness, as a torch is one of those things that you will always need when you’re camping. It also means that you don’t have to worry about bringing backup batteries for your torch because those can really weigh you down. Instead this power bank offers a light, convenient solution!

Power banks Johannesburg

Icarus 12 LED 5000mAh Solar Power Bank

Icarus over here comes with a 5000mAh battery, 12 bright LEDs opposite the solar panel, and a 3-in-1 charger cable to make this power bank a real triple threat. It also has a super handy carabiner clip so that you can clip it onto your backpack to charge and keep on trekking, no stress! It’s eco friendly silica case is resistant to dust, shock and water and houses two concealed USB ports. This beautiful solar power bank makes for an amazing corporate gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or has a green conscience and places value in renewable energy.

Power Banks Johannesburg

Power Banks Johannesburg are what you need when you’re on 3% with that breakthrough deal about to come through. These days technology can make or break you and a power bank can give you the boost that you need to keep going and seize the day, the opportunity and the contract that you worked so hard for.

Navatis 2000mAh Powerbank

The Navatis Power Bank comes in 6 stunning colours and has a 4-in-1 charger cable so that you can use it with as many devices as possible. That[‘s what makes it such a wonderful corporate gifting solution. This power bank is incredibly flexible and has a lot of different options available for branding and use. The Navatis can be used and recharged up to 500 times, making it a very handy power bank to have around, like a protein shake for when your tech is running low on steam, this product will see you through.

Zoom Energy Extreme (5600Mah) Power Bank

Code : TECH-4241

Power banks are portable. This means that whether they’re in your pocket or your bag they’re likely to take a few knocks along the road. The Zoom Power Bank is the Power Bank equivalent of a tank. This power bank has Ingress Protection (IP65) meaning that it has a high level of resistance to dust particles and water. The silicone exterior is also impact resistant so this power bank can handle whatever you can throw at it. It also has a standby time of 6 months, which makes it a great emergency power bank to keep for when you’re travelling.

90% of all horror movie situations can be avoided by keeping one of these power banks in your glove compartment.

Durable Power Bank [10,000mAh]


Durable Power Bank is as it says on the box. This power bank has a metal casing to keep it safe, a massive 10 000mAh battery capacity and a quick charge time, a long life cycle and it can be engraved or silk screened with your brand. As far as power banks go, this one is a power house.

Power banks Johannesburg

At Corporate Gifts Johannesburg we know that power is the way forward, and we know how much people value and appreciate a practical corporate gift. Power banks put big ticks in both of those boxes and we are happy to offer you a beautiful range of power banks from 1000mAh to 10 000mAh and in an incredible selection of sizes, shapes and colours. We are your one-stop shop for Power Banks Johannesburg.

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