Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

Corporate Clothing Johannesburg is very important. Johannesburg is a city that is bustling with businesses and go-getters. It’s an important part of South Africa’s infrastructure. The Stock Exchange is in Johannesburg, and many big companies have their head offices here. Johannesburg is the City of Gold both literally and figuratively. With so many corporate offices in Johannesburg, it makes sense that they would need corporate clothing.

Importance of Corporate Clothing

The Importance of Corporate Clothing Johannesburg lies in the motivation that it can give the individual. Corporate clothing is more than just something that you wear when you’re at work. Corporate clothing can also help put you in the mind set for working. You’ve got your grown up shirt on and now it’s time to get out there and bring home the moolah. It can be a very motivational thing.

It also brings your team together. When you’re all wearing the same thing, it signifies that you’re all working towards achieving the same ends and the same goals. ‘Fake it till you make it’ might not be the most appropriate phrase here, but it can be applied. When you’re wearing your corporate clothes, your good shirt and your shiny shoes with your hair neatly styled, it puts you in the right frame of mind for work, even if you weren’t necessarily feeling it when you got out of bed this morning. Being able to motivate people and boost their confidence in themselves, which is the importance of Corporate Clothing.

Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

Corporate Uniforms

Corporate uniforms have the same idea behind them. When the uniform goes on, it’s hustle time. Time to get out there, work hard and have fun while you’re doing it. The Latin root of the word uniform breaks down to one form or one appearance. Being at work often means being part of a team and being a team player. Being a team player means playing your part in the greater scheme of the company and a uniform can be a reminder of that. It can also, just like regular corporate clothing, remind you that you and your team mates have a unified goal to achieve and that by working together, you can do it!

From an outside perspective, a corporate uniform is an identifying factor. Corporate uniforms are different for every company and every profession and they serve different purposes within those professions. A soldier’s uniform can indicate rank while allowing them the freedom of motion that they needs while moving quickly from place to place and fighting. A uniform serves the same purpose in the work place as it does in the army or in a sports team. It’s often via name badge, but a customer can tell through someone’s uniform who the senior staff or management are. A uniform represents the company and you can tell a lot about the company by the uniforms and how their staff present themselves.

Uniforms can be specifically equipped for the climate that they come from. South African summer uniforms are often light fabrics with short sleeves and open collars with shorts or skirts. This is because our summers can get pretty hot and that kind of clothing helps us keep cool. Inversely, winter uniforms often have sweaters, coats, blazers, pants and stockings as well as gloves, scarves and hats to help keep the chill off. Thicker, warmer fabrics are used during colder seasons or in places where the temperature routinely drops into the single digits and below.

Promo Products Johannesburg

Promo Products Johannesburg can also include corporate clothing. T shirts make for superb promotional items and are also great corporate clothing, particularly for events like fun days or sports days. They are also a great way to identify your promoters in a crowd at an event because t shirts come in a veritable rainbow of colour options and can easily take large, clear branding, making them great for standing out in a throng of people.

Promotional products can also include hats such as beanies and caps, making them great for all seasons, and a very useful and appreciated gift. South Africa has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and a peaked can is a good way off keeping the sun off. The same can be true in winter. On cloudy days it can be difficult to tell that you’re burning and a hat will help protect your face from the worst of the sun’s harmful rays.

In winter, a beanie is a super great promotional item. Your torso is where your body wants all your body heat to be focused, because that’s where your vital organs go and if those freeze up you’re in trouble. When you’re in a icy situation, your limbs are what lose heat first, and heat escapes very easily though the top of your head. A beanie will keep that warmth in and keep your ears toasty warm.

Corporate Clothing South Africa

Corporate Clothing South Africa – Here at Corporate Gifts Johannesburg we are proud to supply top quality corporate clothing in many different brands and styles to suit your needs. We aim to be the best supplier of Corporate Clothes Johannesburg.

  • Jackets
  • Golf Shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Body Warmers
  • Hoodies

Corporate Jackets

Corporate Jackets can be either fun and casual or neat and formal. We even have a few that can give you the best of both words with fold away hoods. Corporate jackets are awesome for winter and can keep your staff cosy and warm while they work or commute while still looking fantastic. A jacket can really bring an outfit together. When you’ve got the rest of the uniform looking sharp, a jacket that doesn’t match can spoil the look a little. A corporate jacket can fit your colour scheme, be branded with your logo and make sure that your employees always look at the top of their game while they are at work.

Corporate Golf Shirts

Corporate Golf Shirts make a splendid uniform item. They are just the right combination of formal and comfortable to make them incredibly popular choices. Golf shirts were originally designed for sport so they can be loose fitting and comfortable while you’re being active as well as when you’re at your desk. The cut of the shirt is meant to breathe, keeping you cool while you’re busy by circulating air. They also come in a wide array of fabrics, colours and styles suitable for everything from construction work to executive business and everything else in between.

Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

Corporate T Shirts

Corporate T Shirts are a lot more casual. They allow for free movement and come in more colours than you can shake a stick in. They can also be made from a range of different fabrics from 100% cotton to polyester, and have different features like odour control and moisture management, and some of our t shirts are UV protected so that you are fully protected when you are active. T shirts are super great for fun corporate events and for casual get-togethers. They also make great commemorative shirts for team building exercises and camps. After all, a uniform is a clear sign of a team. T shirts are also fantastic promotional items and can really help spread the word about your brand. Everyone loves free Corporate T Shirts.

Corporate Bodywarmers

Corporate Bodywarmers are a neat addition to a corporate uniform. A body warmer keeps your core warm, allowing your body to focus on your limbs so that all of your stays cosy. It’s also good for activities where you need the full use of your arms. We have a selection of body warmers in different styles from fleece to puffer and they all have their own benefits. Our fleece body warmers pair beautifully with embroidery to give your logo an elegant touch. Our puffer body warmers come in polyester that can be both printed and embroidered, and one of our gorgeous Slazenger range comes with a hood. A body warmer paired with a long sleeve shirt is a simple way to create a good looking and striking corporate uniform.

Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

Corporate Hoodies

Corporate Hoodies are a little off the beaten track and that’s what makes them so great. A hoodie makes a wonderful uniform item for people on the go, like personal trainers or sports teams. They have lots of different features from having earbud access in the pockets, to drawstring hoods, kangaroo pockets and zips that travel all the way up the front. Hoodies also have wonderful large branding areas s your brand gets maximum exposure when your staff wear them. Hoodies are especially fun commemorative corporate items. They’re suitable for camps and fun days as well as university and high school students. A hoodie is a wonderful, versatile item of clothing that can be used for relaxing, sports in cold weather and corporate gear.

Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

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