Unique Gifts Johannesburg

Unique Gifts Johannesburg

Unique Gifts Johannesburg – Corporate Gifts Johannesburg understands the value of a unique gift. Giving someone a gift that is both fun and interesting can be a real attention grabber. Giving someone a gift is one way to make sure that they will remember you but giving them a gift that really stands out from the crowd and makes them smile is even better. At Corporate Gifts Johannesburg we have a great selection of funky products that make for winning corporate and promotional gifts.

Creative Gifts

Creative Gifts are also a great way to get a conversation going and help to build a rapport between you and your client. What’s better than a unique branded item to get start a conversation about your brand? And if you can have fun with it at the same time, then so much the better!

A Pin Silhouette makes for an amazing gift! It’s a pin impression toy! It’s the kind of fun and engaging item that is not only a lot of fun to play around with, but is also very calming. It’s made up of lots and lots of pins that are trapped in a board and when you touch it or press an object against the back, an impression of that object is made by the pins that have been pushed yup. This really is a fantastic gift, and can often be difficult to stop playing around it because seeing all the different things you can make imprints off is endlessly fascinating. Also, the feeling of the blunted pins against your skin can be very relaxing. 

Unique Gifts Johannesburg


Newton’s Cradle is also a beautiful office gift. The motion can be very calming to watch, as can the ticking of the balls against each other, in the same way the patient ticking of a metronome or clock can be calming. Newton’s Cradle is also a great contemplative gift. The device is a constant demonstration of Newton’s Third Law, which states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. One ball hitting the others has a knock on effect, creating force that will cause the ball on the end to move. It then swings back and hits the ball beside it, causing the same reaction in a loop. It can be quite hypnotising to watch and the rhythmic motion can be relaxing, which makes it a great gift for a busy office.

Unique Gifts JohannesburgNewtons Cradle-P2264

The Lava Spiral is another great gift for a busy office. Similar in concept to the lava lamp, the lava spiral has been downsized so that it will fit conveniently on a desk or in the hand. Coming in at 5cm x 12cm, this little device produces little black dots that travel around and around in a circle only to land at the bottom, ready to sliced back down their little spiral ramp when the device is turned over. Just like with Newton’s Cradle and the Pin Silhouette, this gift can be very relaxing and is a great way to create a spot of calm in a fast paced office environment.

Unique Gifts Johannesburg Lava Spiral-P901B

Unique Promotional Items

Unique Promotional Items can also be a way to bring a pop of excitement into an office. Like with the Hip Hop Pops. These fun office toys can get the adrenaline going when they pop up! To you them you flip them inside out so that your branding is on the inside, spin them around and drop them onto a flat surface. There they adhere with suction and once they’re ready to release the jump up into the air! As this can happen any time from almost immediately onward, it can cause a bit of a stir when it does happen. Warning, this can result in smiles and laughter around the office, and even competitions to see who is best at making the Hip Hops Pop!

Unique Gifts Johannesburg Hip Hop Pops-P872E

A personal touch can really brighten up the office, and a fun, unique gift is a Picture Snow Globe. This Snow globe can hold a personalised picture and has the added bonus of making it snow when you shake it! It’s a fun way to bring your friends and family with you to work and keep them close to you.

Unique Gifts Johannesburg Picture Snow Globe-P2235

For a really outside the box gift, why not give our USB Massager a try? It’s a three pronged massager that can be both plugged into a USB or battery operated. It comes in four fun colours and is a super way to make sure that you stay relaxed and productive while you’re working. It can also be a great item to have at home after a busy day. And because its hand held you can dictate exactly where you want it, making sure that you get your perfect massage.

Unique Gifts Johannesburg USB Massager-P2315P

Unique Gifts Johannesburg Book Light-P949
  Unique Gifts Johannesburg Book Light
Unique Gifts Johannesburg LED Book Light Clip-P2269S
Unique Gifts Johannesburg LED Book Light Clip

A book light is also a great gift, and can be useful in the most interesting of ways. A book light can be a great way to read when the power goes out, or in an area where there is low lighting. You can also use it as a focus light for something that you need to look at closely. At Corporate Gifts Johannesburg we have two of these, the LED Book Light Clip and the Book Light . The Book Light is slightly smaller than the LED Book Light Clip, but the branding area is larger. They both come with clip stands and power buttons and have many uses.

Here at Corporate Gifts Johannesburg we have an incredible range of funky and creative gifts that work well as both promotional items and as corporate gifts. The versatility of our products is one of the things that we are proud of when it comes to our products, and with your brand on them, they can be uniquely yours.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our wonderful and unique range of corporate gifts, you can contact us at: info@brandinnovation.co.za and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram, for the latest on our unique gift ideas. We want to be the premier provider of Unique Gifts Johannesburg.

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