Stationery, Notebooks & Namebadges

Stationery, Notebooks and Name badges

Corporate Stationery

Corporate stationery are products that are always in need for offices, companies, business and the hospitality industry.

Branded office stationery are great for keeping your company name on display within your office, to create a support for your company and initiate company unity.

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Offices require a variety of stationery supplies to complete their work effectively and efficiently. Make office workers lives that little bit easier with fun and functional branded stationery items!

Branded stationery that offices require are; notebooks, diaries, pens, rulers, mouse pads, paper blocks and note pads.

Let your brand be on those essential stationery items!

An office is a place with a flow of people, your branded stationery items will attract many eyes and filter into many minds.

Stationery is a major marketing strategy to invest in and connect your brand with. You’ll gain great benefits of client delight and potential business as your brand or company logo will be on proud display.

Branded Mouse Pads

Branded mouse pads are an office and company staple.

Ensure your brand or company name appears on a cool and useful mouse pad.

We supply sublimation mouse pads that can be branded with your logo via sublimation, which looks elegant and stands out.

Or mouse pads with a gel wrist support for a ultimate comfort. To ease the long hours typing and clicking away at the desk. Silk printing or heat transfer methods can be used to brand this mouse pad.

Gift a mouse pad that will effortlessly display your brand and provide comfort for your clients and customers.

A5 Notebook Size

A5 notebook size is our most popular notebook size for corporate gifts, promotional items or conference giveaways.

Notebooks branded with your company logo or brand is a fantastic marketing tool. They make beautiful gifts that are personal and proudly carry your brand or company’s message.

A5 notebooks are easy to travel with for plane hoppers, chasing students and busy body office workers. Brand notebooks and reap the rewards of clients and customers making optimal use of your corporate gift while doing company marketing and branding for you!

Branded Stationery Items

Branded stationery items are hot commodities to brand and gift clients and customers.

They are products which are great as branded giveaway items at expo’s, conferences, company events and corporate gifts.

Stationery branded with your logo or company name are show stoppers that add value to your brand name and increase your brand’s visibility.

Enhance the experience of your brand or company’s value with branded stationery.

Communicate your brand’s values and ethos with stationery branded items, convey your message onto clients and customers through products that will be used and well-connected to your brand or company.

Branded Pencil Cases

Branded pencil cases make awesome promotional gifts for schools, universities and offices.

Equip offices, schools and universities all over with super cool and funky pencil cases with your brand on!

Promotional pencil cases are fantastic giveaways at:

  • Open days
  • Expo’s
  • Conferences
  • Company events
  • Functions

Pencil cases branded with your logo on, can increase your:

  • Brand visibility
  • Brand reach
  • Audience
  • Brand interest
  • Marketing

Branded Office Supplies

Branded office supplies that have your company name or brand logo are items that are sure to impress and delight your clients, customers and employees.

Gift branded stationery items and make your brand known and loved by many. Stationery supplies have functional use and make great display items for your brand.

Branding is a huge part of gaining grow in your business and increasing its value. The more you brand or logo is seen, used and recognized, the closer you are to reaching your goals and success.

Executive Notebooks

Executive notebooks, for your executive clients.

Corporate gifting your most valued clients and hard-working employees is a vital procedure of expanding and maintaining your business values.

Keeping good business relationships and creating new business connections is one of the most important parts of running a business.

Make sure you do it right, with our executive notebooks that can be branded with your company name or brand for an elegant and professional finish.

Branded Notepads

Branded notepads, for all the busy bodies, budding writers, on-the-go workers and go getter business owners!

Notepads are great for jotting down your quick thoughts and forget-me-not’s.

Let your logo or brand stick out as eager employees scribble down what the boss says.

Ruler and Stationery Set

Branded Stationery Sets

Branded stationery sets make for great corporate gifts that are packed with everything a client or customer needs.

Gift a parcel of goodness that delights and links back to your brand or company.

Gift sets are effective for showing a personal touch of care and gratitude to your clients while carrying your brand.

Branded stationery sets also are fantastic promotional items for giving away at functions and events to help escalate your brand or company.

Promoting your brand with stationery sets are perfect for advertising who your brand or company is and what it is about. Stationery is a clever promotional item to hand out as they are items that serve a practical use and when used sponsor your brand.

Want your logo to be on display and shine on?

Stationery sets branded with your logo are the solution!

Recycled Notebooks

Recycled notebooks enhance the experience of your brand or company.

Notebooks and stationery that is eco-friendly are excellent to align your brand with.

Eco-friendly stationery branded with your company name or brand logo is a superb way to connect with clients and customers.

Your initiative for a more conscious way of living, encourages sustainability and environmental awareness.

Tying your brand or company to eco-friendly products, adds extraordinary value to your brand, company or organisations ethics and ethos.

Eco-Friendly Notebooks

Eco-friendly notebooks are an awesome branding trend to hop on board with!

Environmentally conscious products that are linked to your brand or company increase your brand’s moral compass and care.

Clients and customers will be attracted to your brand or company’s thoughtful and conscious empathy towards the earth, and show great interest in your brand or company.

Branded eco-friendly items are super helpful for your marketing and branding strategies.


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